What we will do for you

Give you simple techniques to help you solve specific problems

Walk you trough the process  of activating certain types of qi in your home to help you achieve your goals

We want to encourage you to think about feng shui in a different way . However , goal of our site and using our services is to show you how feng shui , when it is used correctly , can produce real results.

Making feng shui work for you is a matter of making sure that you have the qi , that you are using the right variety of feng shui and that we make it simple. Classical feng shui involves no rituals, chants , prayers or objects . Classical feng shui is effective , but more imspotantly , it is practical ( it involves minimal cost and investment , maybe few , if any , renovations or modifications of your home ) . You will make use of what is already in your home  – the rooms , the doors , and the qi already present.