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Trips and Walks


Use all the structures from this table for all types of travel, including business and leisure travel as well as any crucial meetings. Additionally, this table offers all the excellent structures that can be used to Super Activations.

The usage of a good structure is increasingly crucial the longer and more significant the journey. Keep in mind that the walks have an overall impact. The effect grows (and vice versa) with frequency of  walks.

Always begin your moves within the two-hour window, no earlier than when it began, and no later than 30 minutes before it will end. Please double-check your direction (using a paper or online map, not a GPS) to be sure you are heading in the right direction. Direction is thought of as a vector that connects your starting point and destination points. It doesn’t matter how the movement unfolds. The more Qi you gather, the further you travel. Speed is not crucial; journey time is the only factor that matters. Avoid stopping for more than ten minutes. You must stop and stay for at least 15 minutes at the destination.


You can perform the activations as often as you like.