Do you have dumb money luck ?

I was learning and video  was about smart and dumb money and how can we see in our chart do we have such opportunity…and then  next several days I was opening charts like craizy , for my self ,parents , friends …

So what is smart money and dumb money ? The money you earn using skills learned  from school or college for living like salary , fee or regular job is your smart money . As long as you work you will receive your salary and have your monthly income .

But sometimes we are at right time , on right place and in that perfect moment we win money or it is given to us by someone . The windfall from lottery , casino , sports bet . We can’t expect to win every time we play but if we can calculate in what period of our life we will have such opportunity , will you give a shot ?

Now take your Bazi chart again , for those of you that don’t have your’s onhand ,  print it here :  and let’s start :

We can consider that you have dumb money luck in 2017 year if you have all three luck elements ( metal , water , fire ) in your heaven stem of year , month and hour pillar .

as you can see in upper example , in hour pillar is present metal, but month and year have earh element . We can consider that this male person doesn’t have dumb money luck in 2017 year .

But this Wu day master person have fire present in hour pillar , water in month and metal in year . We have all three elements present in chart so can say that this Wu day master person have opportunity od windfall of money in 2017 year .

I personally have experienced this before I learned Bazi and other knowledge in field of Chinese metaphysics . And that event was starting point for  reading different books about Feng Shui , and finally after few years become student at Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics .My personal windfall happened in 2008 (it was about 20 th dollars – bonus for me from source that I will never get in my dreams ) and then 2009 was so horrible for me, didn’t know what happened, was so shocked , unprepared  … I still was same person , working same but my luck changed , and i needed to use more effort to achieve the same , or even less .

Now i know when and how to get most from  opportuinities not only for myself , family members and clients . I use several layers , Bazi anaysis , fix home or office Feng Shui , choose good date and at the end Qi Men Dun Jia strategy .