Music of Earth

The quality of earth energy varies with the changes in landscape, however, this energy can be realised , altered or interupted in a much fast manner, due to such things as burials or construction activity . The main role of Classical Feng Shui is to find the best locations and enable people to enjoy all the benefits that come with postitive energy .

The main landscape features are mountains and water , and the both have their very own spgere of influence ; water govern wealth and mountain govern health . Altough a proper assesstment of energy of the location requires a special level of education , at the base level we still easily can evaluate its quality . The first sign of abundant Qi are flush flora and fauna .

Using the concept of five elements we can clasify mountains into five categories :

  1. Fire mountains – sharp and pointy ( spiritual and religious purposes ) – Chastity Mountains
  2. Wood mountains – tall and slended ( nobility and fame ) – Greedy Wolf Mountains
  3. Earth mountains – broad and flat ( wealth and prosperity ) – Huge Door Mountains
  4. Metal mountains – rounded ( police nad military ) – Military Arts Mountain
  5. Water mountains – wavy ( for education ) – Literaly Arts Mountain

example of Hudge Door Mountain


What about a water? You know that water in Feng Shui represent wealth . When water is missing or her flow is not controlled we can have negative effect on someones business acumen and their prosperity .

Ideally we do not want to have too powerfull water near our property . Based on the principle of Zheng Shen / Ling Shen ,



the┬ábest placement of the water in our current period ( 2004 year – 2023 year ) is in the SouthWest of the property .