Stars and Animal signs in 2017 Year

If you have read my first article , you probably have your personal bazi chart by hand if not print it here :

At the begining let’s see what we can expect from each sign and then chesk your Bazi chart to see what you can expect and use this year .

  • EMPEROR STAR – status , power and recognition , good fortune , you can do no wrong , opportunities come to you
  • DRAGON VIRTUE  – ability to dissolve situation negative situation into positive outcome

GRAND DUKE COMBINATION STAR  – building network ,new friends  of high ranking , deal maker , be at right plate at right time

  • GOLDEN CABINET – increase value or wealth . Increase of net worth.
  • JADE HALL –  abundance , increase in wealth and assests , salary , bonuses
  • GENERAL STAR – get’s things done , get promoted , execute ideas
  • INTELLIGENCE – achademic star , srtistic – do very well
  • For those who are born in the year of Rooster are under self punishment in 2017 year . As result those energy will manifest in agressive and tempered behaviour . There will be some challenges , however , you know that rooster have may good stars this year and that will hep you to resolve challanges .


  • TREASURE STAR – increase in wealth and assests, abundance
  • RED MATCHMAKER –  tru love of live , long lasting love
  • SALTY POOL –  peach blossom star , not so lasting

  • MOON – making money behind scene, starting own business
  • SKY HAPPINESS – happy events , marriage , new long term relationship , happy occassion , travelling , finding new love

  • NATIONAL TREASURE – increase in $$ , assest , income , authority and power


Now we covered top five animal signs of this year


  • SUN STAR – nobleman star , assistance . But you can also become nobleman to others
  • YIN SHA – offend ladies
  • SKY EMPTINESS – may have big plans and goals, but at the end nothing happens
  • SIX HARM – good firends don’t get up expectations


  • ELEGANT SEAL –  related to creative work and fields like business inovation
  • RELIEF GOD – you have ability to solve problems
  • 5 GHOSTS – people talking behind your back
  • BLOOD KNIFE –  minor injuries , twist ankle , step into something sharp

  • LEOPARD TAIL – easily offend people
  • EIGHT SEALS – make you famous overnight , we want to see this animal in hour or year pillar


  • EARTH RELIEF – you can buy a house  or renovate this year , or  find good property deals.
  • SKY HORSE – things happen fast

  • BACK POKING STARS – back stabbed by people
  • WHITE TIGER – accident star
  • Snake combine with  Rooster , and with Ox is under three harmony combination . You need to take cation to help yourself and team up wit people that have first five top animal signs

  • DEATH GOD – forget things , youse reminders to remind you
  • HEAVENLY OFFICER CHARM – arguments and disputes
  • SICKNESS CHARM – health issues


  • GREAT CONSUMER – spending money
  • PRISON INTIMATES  – arguments
  • For those of you that have Rabbit in Bazi chart , you have Rooster – Rabbit clash . Location of rabbit in your Bazi can say what can you expect from this clash .
  • Year pillar = you will change your friends and enviroment
  • Month pillar = change job , boss, department , job role or even retire
  • Day pillar = change or renovate house , change partner , arguments with spouse, divorce , separation andpotential health issues
  • Hour pillar = you will change your passion , thinking , dreams , having issues with children , may lose money trough investments


I think that we all need to focus on positive and work with it . When you have postive stars in your animal signs, it translates to opportunities , and assistance will come to you . However if your Bazi doesn’t have good animal signs with positive stars it’s not all lost , you can team up with friend or relative or partner that have good one and share luck with him .

Since bazi is only 1/3 of our luck you can use Feng Shui to assist you to achieve desired results you want from current year .