Lucky elements in Rooster year

If we want to make forecast and understand what we can expect  incurrent year, first we need to check Bazi chart of the year and analyse balance of the elements .

Bazi chart of 2017 year

Fire Rooster

In first look at 2017 year chart we can notice that elements are not balanced. The most dominant element is metal  who is followed by water and fire and then we have weak elements wood and earth . Since metal is strongest elements , the most prosperous industries of the year will be those related to metal .

Metal related industries are :

  • financial and banking
  • legal
  • automobiles
  • military

So for those of you who are part of mentioned industries you can expect good business year . Or if you want to change your current job , the most offers you can see and expect from metal related owners .

If we take look on year pillar

we can see two elemets  fire and metal . From elemental  relationship we know that fire controll metal so in this year we can expect that people who have Rooster in their birth chart will behot tempered this year . Hovewer it’s not all lost Rooster also have wealth stars.

Now let’s make one more step , if you don’t know your bazi chart please follow this link and print it . You will need your chart so you can easily follow next part :

First look do you have metal element  present in your char . For now it is not important location of element under chart , we just want to see do you or don’t have this type of luck . If metal is present you can expect smooth sailing in current year . Resources , opportunities  and assistance will come to you . If metal is not present in your Bazi chart , don’t worry we have other elements to check .

Second strong element of the year is water . In elemental cycle we know that water is produced by metal . Since metal is strong we conclude that water is also strong . If water is present in your natal chart , you also have good luck .

Water related industries will also be prosperous in 2017 year and those are :

  • tourism
  • beverages
  • aquatics
  • service industries
  • transportation

After water next element that we want to have in our chart is fire . For all of you that are part of fire related industries can also expect good and successfull year .

those industries are :

  • IT
  • energy
  • oil , gas
  • food
  • hospitality
  • enterteinment
  • media

Wood and earth are weakest elements in current year . But don’t get upset now , even if you have wood and earth elements in your Bazi , yes you can expect some challanges and issues but there are not all so bad . Some animal signs are earth element but also bring some good stuff .

Now look back into your chart . You can see for pillars , each of them reprezent different part of your life . So it is not only important do you have properous elements of the year , we also look where they are located and how that will affect you .

We allways read Bazi chart from left to the right . So your first pillar is year pillar , this pillar reprezent your enviroment ,social network , market and friends . Month pillar reprezent your career , but if you are businessman or owner it also reprezent your prospects. Day pillar  will give you info about your home , health and spouse relationship, and hour about your relationship with children , your dreams , thinking , investments and hired help .

For those of you that have present element of water , metal or fire in your year and month pillar in 2017 year you will resonate good with your friends ,andyour career and opportunities will be good . If you have those elements in your day or hour pillar your thinking and feeling will be positive and you will have good relationship with your spouse and children .

Luckiest one will see one of those three in each pillar . But keep in mind that time will pass and luck will change . If you have good opportunities this year , go for it , use this knowledge and make the most usage of this year ,and for one that don’t have so good luck this year , make your plans , write your ideas , and when your good luck will come you will be ready to get your dreams true .