Self identity is important because it strenghtens our character . Our self identity keep us unique from everyone else , when we know who we are , have confidence in our self and are able to identify our strenghts , we emerge as strong individuals .

In an BaZi your day master is your self identity .

Are you doing what you should do ? Do you behave as the day master element ?


Let see what the element tell you :

WOOD  – be persistent , deternined , keep growing like a tree, do not give up half way , keep leaning and upgrading your skills and invest in knowledge .

FIRE – have passsion and be passionate in what you are doing ,  well manage the resources you have , be optimistic and have faith in whatever you are doing.

EARTH – are you flexible and open mind in accepting new things ? You need to believe in yourself , show your value . 

METAL – go out and explore to get experience , you have ability to overcome challenges , don’t be afraid of hardship . 

WATER – focus your energy and discipline , be organized and plan your time .