Rooster month

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Here is general info for each animal sign in the Rooster month . Since general influences affect us it is much accurate if we analyze your full Bazi chart .

Ji / You month

Energy of the month is very good , stem supporting branch . from five elemts interaction we now that earth feeds metal , so this month is same , earth is feeding metal under Rooster.

Metal of the Rooster supports you , but at the same time Earth confuses your mind . Now is good time to make plans but don’t rush into action .

Yery good motnth for Ox people to make personal projects . If you hunt for new job or want to raise your salary now is great time to take proper action .

Great month for all you that are single and want to connect with opposite sex . If you are already in a relationship , make some project together .

You have two Rooster’s against you 🙁 . But don’t panic, be patient , time will pass. If you can travel a bit , movemet can help you to dissipate the clash .                                                                                        found on bloglovin


You have hundered ideas and possibilities in your mind ,but don’t now the right direction . Even if you have this dilema good news is that you can’t go wrong , both choises will be positive.

Very good month for you , go out and meet new people . You are the best sign of this month so take advantage of it .

You feel a bit stuck , locket into corner . For you is best to use this month for making new plans or reinvent yourself .

You are trying too hard , yes we know “no pain , no gain ” but at the end you are exhausting yourself trying to reach your goal . Time is passing , next month will be better .

For you adn Snake people this month is excellent , and universe is giving you what you want . Dream big and take action !

This is a month to make decisions , if you don’t feel happy about some parts of your life now is time to stop with if , but if everything is good take time and think how you can evolve.

The month is not spectacular for you , expect your family and firends to turn for you to advice . Take your time and help them .


Some Pigs this month will change their home or career . For all of you that are still singe , you have chance to meet other half .