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Usage of good date is to give us high chance of success in whatever activity  we undertake . So there is no wonder why we offer Personal Date selection for Marriage . Using BaZi and Date Selection we will choose best personal date and time for your wedding ceremony within your timescale .

Many people don’t really understand why is important chosing a good day for marriage . But you need to know that marriage is an activity . Marriage involve personal and legal commitment , obligations and responsibilities . Do you see importance now ?

The purpose of selecting a good marriage date is to ensure all the process to proceeds smoothly and without incidents and that both parties will be good accepted by the family .

Choosing a good date will not mean that all problems  will disapper and the couple will live “till death do us part” , but it will help the parties to not collapse at the first sign od trouble . Or maybe do our wedding ceremony on a date that we have present third party in a day ,  Loneliness or Solitary star . If for example we do our ceremony on day that Loneliness star is present man will not spent a lot of time with his wife ( maybe he will travel a lot or perhaps stay late at work ) and due to that relationship will experience long-term problem that may lead to divorce . There are also a stars that we want to see in a day like Sky Happiness , to help keep loving feeling troughout marriage .

You may think that choosing a good marriage date is not important , but think one more time . It will not give you escape for future problems that you may have  but will give your marriage a positive benefit in the long run.




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