Feng Shui Consultation of your space



Existing or New House Feng Shui Consultation:

We prefer to work with the professional floor plan in order to give you the most accurate info; please do your best to locate the original floor plan of your space.

We need plenty of photos of your space and ideally, a couple videos, too!

Here is the first thing to know: please do not email us any photos or videos, but rather upload them to an online site of your choice and only send us the link. Dropbox.com works very well for photos, floor plans and short videos.

We require the photos to be taken in the following manner: Starting at your front door, imagine showing your place, step by step (while taking pictures!), to someone who has never been in.

Please let us know the date and year of birth for all family members living in your home or, in case of a business consultation, the DOB info for key business people working in the office. With exotic or unusual names, please indicate the gender.

Indicate the reasons for requesting the  feng shui analysis. What is working and what is not working in your space? In your life? What would you like to achieve by getting more insight into the feng shui of your space? Please do your best to be brief, but also very clear in writing your goals.


home or office consultation includes:

  • Chinese four pillars astrology analysis
  • Nine Star Ki numerology analysis
  • Site survey to recommend and review feng shui adjustments
  • Space clearing
  • 3 Victory dates  for 2020 year
  • Activations for next 3 months personalized to your specific goal


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