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Certainty-enhanced walks or outings are beneficial for improving health and increasing the likelihood of conception. It assists in the care of the animals as well.

Walking as much as you can is the greatest approach to make use of the structure.

If you decide to take a walk as a way to release positive energy, keep in mind that you must begin walking within the time frame shown in the table. You are free to depart later, but you must do so at least thirty minutes before the two hours shown in the table come to a conclusion. You are unable to begin earlier! It’s crucial to keep in mind that Qi accumulates more the longer you travel. You must have the correct direction from the starting point to the finishing point, so always utilize the printed (or online) map for guidance. The movement’s trajectory is unimportant; it is determined by the roadways. The right distance point and trip duration are the only factors that matter, not speed. You have two options: walk or drive carefully. Do not make a stop-overs for more than 10 minutes. At the final distanation you have to stop and stay for at least 15 minutes. Trips (walks) have a cumulative effect. Try to use it to the maximum.

You can perform the activations as often as you like. We must remember that they have a cumulative effect .