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Game Changer



a hope or desire for something

Game Changer is a step by step guide with tools, techniques, and proven strategies to raise your frequency and create reality you want .



So why is this Game changer so special ??

A subscription to provides three main things: All Qi Men Dun Jia & Feng Shui Activations, Expert Strategies, and Helpful Instructions.

Our activations give clear indication of the time, method and purpose for activating. All of our activations are exhaustive, complete and unabridged. Because activations must be preformed at an adjusted time for your location and current local time, automatically determines your time adjustment based upon your timezone and location. You do not need to perform ANY complex time calculations.

We provide two types of activations: Qi Men Dun Jia and Feng Shui.

  1. Our Qi Men Dun Jia activations are all inclusive. We do not omit any activations. Our Qi Men Dun Jia activations are presented in clear, easy to follow tables. We simplify the use of the tables by dividing the activations into 5 main tables and 1 strong table. The 5 main tables are Generals, Dragons & Birds, Walks, Health, and Virgins. The strong table is a summary of the strongest Qi Men Dun Jia activations this month.
  2. Feng Shui activations are a mix of tables and written explanation of the super activations for this month.

Our expert strategies help you achieve your goals quicker using Qi Men Dun Jia and Feng Shui activations.

Our helpful instructions provide in-depth how-to information for activations, tools, techniques and best practices.


Three Generals

Qi Men Dun Jia activations of the Three Generals (Three Mystics) help to receive money from different sources, increase wealth, receive good news and achieve positive changes. Helps to receive income from real estate or sell real estate. Conducted inside the home or office.

  • Over 100+ Generals activations each month!

Dragons & Birds

Qi Men Dun Jia activations of the structure “Bird returns to the Nest” and “Dragon turning the Head”. Has the effects: “getting something easily and effortless” and “slow but steady prosperity and wealth growth”. Bird structures help with winning the lottery, getting discounts, winning contracts and bids, and also help to get preference in the job application process. Dragon structures provide growth to business ventures and help you get support or help from authority figures or supervisors.

  • Over 40+ Bird and Dragon activations each month!

Qi Men Dun Jia Walks

Qi Men Dun Jia’s good directions. They can be used for all forms of travel, to bring good luck, to win court cases, to have a superior position during business negotiations, and simply just for a walk or run. 80% of our daily travel is done in an unauspicious direction, imagine the result you will receive if you select only auspicious directions from this table.

  • Over 700+ good (auspicious) directions each month!

Virgin Lady, Guarding the Door

The special Qi Men Dun Jia structure “Virgin Lady, Guarding the Door” helps to find a partner and find love. This structure increases your attractiveness in the eyes of others, so you can use it to go on dates or for any important meeting where you have to present or pass an oral exam. This structure is also proven to be useful for starting advertisement campaigns.

  • Over 50+ activations each month!


Qi Men Dun Jia good (auspicious) directions for trips to improve health. They are useful for the treatment or improvement of health and increase the chance of conception. It also helps with treating pets.

  • Over 30+ activations each month!

The Strongest Qi Men Dun Jia Activations of the Month

The strongest Qi Men Dun Jia activations of the month, for those who only have limited time to use activations. These activations are the strongest, most effective, and provide the greatest boost in luck. Do not miss them; the results are worth it!

  • Usually there are 10 to 15 activations each month!

Expert Strategies

Provides you with expert strategies for how to achieve your goals quicker using Qi Men Dun Jia and Feng Shui activations. Strategies include:

  • How to make your love life and dates better
  • Gambling & Lottery: strategies and become luckier
  • Business: become a better business person and grow your business
  • Job: how to find a good job, pass the interview and how to advance in your career
  • Make more money
  • Real Estate: help to sell your real estate or get an income from real estate
  • Health and Conception: help you to get better health and get pregnant
  • Passing Tests or Exams: how to become a better student with the same effort and pass tests and exams with the best results
  • Courts & Fines: how to get a superior outcome in a hearing or get rid of fines

*FREE: Super Activation of Feng Shui

As a bonus to the activations of Qi Men Dun Jia , we offer super strong point activation Feng Shui for home and office. We also give you full access to analytics and recommendations on the annual audit Feng Shui Flying Stars, with full descriptions of how to prevent trouble and activate the good stars. Every month we offer for you monthly analysis of Monthly Flying Stars and their relationship with the annual stars, and suggestions for home audit. In addition, we provide the following activations:

  • Tai Yang (Great Yang, Sun) neutralizes the negative effects, contributes to the results’ achievement
  • Tai Yin (Great Yin, Moon) recovers failures in communication, facilitates relationships
  • Dragon Perfection (Noble Dragon) helps to move the business off the ground (break the deadlock in the affair)
  • Luck of Perfection (Blessed Dragon) gives a sense of happiness
  • Warming Money Star brings money, in the form of gifts, finding money, increases earnings
  • Official’s Talisman (God Liberation) helps in getting rid of illness and/or legal burden. Also cancels fines
  • Pushing people in brings customers, gives possibility of marriage and pregnancy
  • There are also activations of Nobleman, Academic Nobleman, Traveling Horse, and more

Every subscription to gives you unlimited access to all Qi Men Dun Jia activations plus our exclusive Strongest Qi Men Dun Jia activation table. The Super Feng Shui activations are also included for no extra charge!

  • Instant unlimited access 24/7
  • Does not require downloading on your computer
  • All Qi Men Dun Jia activations; every hour of the month
  • Strongest Qi Men Dun Jia activation table
  • All Super Feng Shui activations
  • Expert strategies
  • Helpful instructions

Each table includes expert strategies and helpful instructions to start you on your path toward full activation. You get complete access to all the tables, our exclusive Strongest Qi Men Dun Jia activation table, the Super Feng Shui activations plus all the strategies and instructions for the incredible price of only €99! Save 10% off our regular monthly price when you buy 6 months. For even greater savings, sign up for a year and save 30% off the regular monthly price!