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Dragons & Birds


GREEN DRAGON turning the head

The Dragon is especially strong in the spring ( February to April) 

This activation gives the stable growth in the business , provides a slow yet steady growth of wealth .

The best way to use this structure , when you need support or help from the authorities or boss. The structure also provides a great result with University applications and contests.

As the Dragon “turns his head” , all your enemies are now your allies. However, you  need to execute whatever plan you have. Get things done. 

Dragon favors the business owners  and people whose income depends on the clients number.



Can be activated in different ways depending on the stars . Sometimes you can activate the structures inside of the house , sometimes you need to go for a walk . Please , pay attention to the notes in the table , it shows the ways how to activate . How to activate structures trough the walks , please refer to the Walks Instructions .

In order to activate you need to use two opposite sectors of the house , office or apartment . The sector , where Dragon energy is located ( it indicated in the table) and sector opposite of it.  In the first sector with Dragon combination we turn the fan on . In the opposite sector you needs to sit and face the sector with dragon .

The person needs to sit facing Dragon all the time . It does not matter that there are some walls in between . While sitting the opposite sector it is great to send out resumes, apply for programs , work on business plans and ideas .

If the needed sector is absent from your apartment , house or office , place the activator towards the wall hat borders with the missing sector . For example , If you don’t have west , put the activator in the most western point .

Another way to activate is to sit back with Dragon direction .


BIRD returns to the nest

The Bird is especially strong in the spring ( February to April) and summer ( May to July )

Effect of Bird activation is “everything will happen by itself”, you do not need to use lot of efforts to get something . Everything will happen automatically. 

This structure is great for getting promotions , profitable projects . In short for all positive things.

This structure is fast. The unexpected proposal come very quickly, but hey can pass quickly too. One must be careful not to miss on the opportunity .

It is great to make use of the structure to do business calls, prepare plans, skeching ideas, start advertising campaigns. All these things have an excellent potential to be realized quickly, esily and proftable.