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From a BAZI perspective respiratory system is represented by metal element . When we look at your chart we want to see presence and quality of metal element in your natal chart or luck pillar .

Next you can find different ways that lungs can get hurt or sick :

  • chart with no metal element
  • chart with weak metal element and strong fire
  • chart with strong metal element battling with strong wood
  • chart with weak metal element and strong earth or strong water

If you have any of these animaly in your chart , you are most affected ; horse , goat , rooster , rabbit , snake and monkey . And in stems Gui water . In any of your four pillar

From a Feng shui perspective you need to avoid next sectors ( make sure that you don’t activate , renovate or dig a ground in those sectors) .

1- EAST – in east we have 5 yellow star for 2020 year . Not only that is advised not to renovate this sector in 2020 year, make sure that you don’t spend too much of your time in those locations of your office or home . If you have main door located in east sector and if you have other choise , please use that other door untill 4. february 2021. For those of you that follow 8 mansion system , and east is your good sector , please remove from there and find some other part of your house for that activity . It it also not advisable that you spend much time or meditate in your east part of house .

2- NORTH – is your second sector hat you don’t want to disturb , make any activity there or meditate .

So what can you do ?

You can and it will be more that good if you take your time and rearrange your living and working space so you will use and spend your time in south west , west and north east sector .

Usage of south west part of your home will help you with your obstacles . if you don’t know how to get your money , spend your time meditating and thinking aboput your solution in this sector .

West is the most impostant and vibrant sector in 2020 year, so hang most of your time there if possible .

Those of you that need some help from other people are advised to use north east sector .

Take care , stay healthy and safe .


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