Feng Shui & Activations in 2021

On february 4th 2021 , the Chinese calendar changes  into Xin Chou  – Metal Ox year.

This year’s Feng Shui draws our attention  to the auspicious and inauspicious areas of your house , apartment or working place . The technique used for this analyse is Flying stars. The star of the area  of the house , apartment or office  is a given and will not change , the years – stars  come “Flying in” to give us  the Qi energies .

How can you use these areas ?

In Period 8 , the auspicius Flying stars  are Star 8, Star 9 and Star 1. The Star 4 and 6 are also auspicious to use . The sectors occupied with these stars  will receive the best Qi or energy , compared to the other sectors.

Qi is like Wi-Fi , in some areas you get better broadband reception and connectivity that in some other areas .  What you can do is to spent more time in areas  where Stars 1, 9 and 8 as well as  6 and 4 are located , to enjoy the auspicious Qi there . Try to send less or no time in the inauspicious  sectors of your property .

The auspicious areas that have Combo 10 or HeTu are more strengened and the result will be even more visible. The annual flying stars are for short term use , usually for one year .

Auspicius areas in 2021 

The auspicious areas, we want to use frequently, like working or sleeping or staying there, as it will support your specific endeavours in that area. Even when you are not in the area, have a radio or TV to play or a moving clock, so the energies are moved around and get in flow.

West Star 8 – is a wealth star , which is a cash flow star . This is your ultimate wealth area in 2020. Stay here a lot and preferably work in this area .

North West  Star  7 – relates to robbery , theft, slanderous remarks and people, injury and fire hazzards and sharp objects .

South West  Star 3 – relates to misunderstandings, arguments, disputes, legal issues. To relieve the inauspicious energies, place a red object in this area, for instance a red carpet or lamp.

South East Star 5 –  is known as 5 Yellow is the most dangerous and negative of all the nine stars. It relates to serious setbacks and repercussions such as bankruptcy, misfortune, disasters, catastrophes and even diseases. Use metal, like a wind chime or a lot of bronze, copper, iron or brass objects in this area.

South Star 1 – represents noble people, wisdom, knowledge, connection. This area has a positive influence on wealth accumulation in 2020. Your broad band Wi-Fi connection for career advancement, academic pursuits, travel, social skills, relationships and even getting married, is at its best. Enjoy being in this area .

North East Star 9 – is a secondary wealth star for investments . As a secondary wealth star, it indicates that investments and probably a promotion will be of importance this year.

East Star  4 – is an academic or scholastic star to acquire knowledge, skills, and talents. This star also promote romance. In this area, your creative activities will be boosted with energy. Use this room as a study or for other intellectual-, artistic- and creative pursuits. If you would like to write a book, use the North this year .

North Star 2 – relates to sickness, illness, ailments and health-related problems. To relieve the inauspicious energies, place a lot of bronze, copper, iron or brass objects in this area.

Center Star 6 – represents authority, power, influence and ability to take action/execute. For encouragement of your professional endeavours, to receive recognition and to influence others, this is the area to be in with your office desk. A sleeping room or main door would be beneficial as well.

Other important areas 

These areas are one that you need to keep quiet . So no nailing , diging ground or any type of renovation in these areas can give you difficulties in 2020 .

Those Areas are ; South east ( 5 Yellow ) , East ( 3 Killing ) , South west 1  ( Year Braker ) , North east 1 ( Grand Duke )

Do whatever it takes to make these location quiet in 2021 year .

What if you or your neighbour active one of those no no sectors ?

Than you need to reactivate and do activation in one of Archangel Star to get help . Those stars are Dragon Virtue Star , Sun Star , Moon Star and Fortune Virtue star . Each of them has a different quality and different type of help that you can use trough all year .