Usage of Qi Men Special Formations

In order to get help of Qi Men to achieve desired result and support we need  to align our destiny chart with proper structure . In our personal Qi Men chart destiny palace is strongest one and easiest to use . In case that you don’t have your personal chart you can plot it at  . At the moment we are using  software from Joey Yap ( example is below ) untill our own will be ready . 

Our destiny palace is strongest one and easiest to use . You can use all of them but for the start , and for the fastest result please focus on your destiny palace . 

Below is sample chart:


As you se on the QMDJ chart in the SE is located Destiny palace . Using SE direction for that person is easiest and one can achieve more sucess and suppport.

All you need to do next is to find in the Special Formation Calendar ( you can get it for free if you suscribe for our newsletter) needed command that supports your destiny palace direction .

Let’s say for example that you want to get rid of addiction , in the mont of September 2021. on the 22 we have Ending Addiction structure in SE .  On that day sit  like that SE is ast your back . You can use mobile compass to help you to find direction , do not be disturbed and be in calm state , think about your situation , what you want to achieve and what you can do to make it happen and then make proper action .

On 29. October 2021. we have Attraction formation on SE. You can use that day for marketing , connecting with customers . All you need to do is put your back to SE and make some action to get support . Plan your days wisely and prepare yourself at least 10 days ahead . Idealy will be month ahead . You still need to work and invest your time , but this structures will help you , and increase your chances of sucess.