Forecast for the Dog month

Here is forecast for the Dog month

Geng / Xu month
This month metal energy is still strong and fire is very weak . It is good time for working on your home , body and mind .

You will hear plenty od new informations but use it for making future plans . Do not rush into actionthis month .

Great month for you , you can achieve a lot . To know on what to focuss more check where in your Bazi Ox is located , those are areas where you can benefit most .

If you take extra work you can serve your goals easier . bediplomatic and you can go farr.

You will have too much to do and not so many time for it . If you are single you canmeet new people this mont , so don’t beat home , go out .


Be caution this month . If you want to recieve any result you will need to work hard , very hard . Pay extra atentionon your private and working social connections , you can expect some challenges .

Watch how you act and what you say , golden rule for you this month is Silence . If you can’t controll your words and actions you can get some enemies this month .

Best month for you in this year , you can gain extra money or support in your work or career . Everyrhing will fall into his place .

Don’t be controll freak this month , stop , take a brake and don’t make many actions.

This month people will turn to you make sure that you use this energy for your projects .in private life hang out with your friends ,and improve your social life .

Your love life will suffer most this month , make sure that you don’t be arogant to your partner , or isolate yourself .

You can feel that all Universe is against you , but this is not true . Your fears are catching you , but it’s not all bad , you can benefit from this time if you reinvent what you really want .


Pay extra care this month on your health , and aviod waisting your energy . Don’t get stressed , time will pass , better time is waiting for you .

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