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Feng Shui


The truth about Feng Shui

In the begining , there were ying and the yang, five elements and eight triagrams .

In the beigining Feng Shui was mainly for the graves and burial sites . Feng Shui masters served emperors and the imperial family .

During Tang dynasty Feng Shui was finally extended to the living spaces .

With the fall of the Qing dynasty in 1911, Feng Shui masters had no imperial family to serve anymore , so they began to teach Feng Shui openly .

In the 1990s , Feng Shui emerge into western world as an exotic ancient practice . But unfortunatelly somehow the sience of harnessing the Qi of the enviroment for the purpose of acheiving one’s goal became the art of object placement . So Feng Shui become only a matter of placing the right object in the right corner .

Today when someone mention Feng Shui for the most people first association is placement of lucky objects , symbols and meditation or positive thinking .

Fortunatelly , all I have ever learned from Feng Shui was from classics with theories and application from Thang , Sung , Ming and Qing dynasties .

You will notice that I will not write about colors you should have in your bedroom for better love life , the pendant you need to wear or in which corner to put pot with money because that is your money corner .

I will try to do my best and share with you my knowledge and experience about Qi distribution over our living space and how we can benefit from it .